Vitae M96 Liquid Handling Station


The Vitae M96 is a compact bench top liquid handling system that provides flexible module, accurate result and versatile function. With volume capacity Ranged from 0.5uL to 1000uL, it accommodates general 96 and 384 wells plate and different kinds of tips. Scale up your experiment now!

  • Flexibility

  • High Reproducibility

  • High Efficiency

Compact System The Small:

Standard 9 plate positions with unique magnetic and heating module. Fast liquid dispensing, less than 1min for a 96 well plate adding.

Expandable for Extra Module:

4 or 8 channels air pumps for up to 96 samples

Pollution Preventing:

Optional UV sterilization lamp and HEPA filter to eliminate air pollution

High Capacity:

Open bench for general consumable


  • DNA/RNA purification

  • DNA/RNA fragment selecting

  • Enzyme system development

  • DNA library development

  • PCR set up

  • Sequencing system set up

  • Oligo system set up

  • Magnetic extraction

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