iMD24 Microwave Digestion System


The Microwave Digestion System is a closed vessel system utilizing microwave to activate heating process within sample. With high-pressure capabilities to enhance the digestion quality, the iMD 24 microwave digestion system is capable of running 24 vessels, providing a fast and easy operation. It compliments your Atomic Absorption (AA), ICP-AES, and ICP-MS applications whilst leading the way in optimum performance and industrial safety.

Multiple Safeguard


Made from TFM ,the unique seal vessels provide rugged high performance for sample digestion.

Material of the microwave chamber:

316L stainless thickening chambers lined with Teflon

Temp Measuring System:

IR penetrating measuring

Safe Front Door Design:

The safety interlock acts as a pressure and temperature sensor which automatically shuts down if any critical conditions are detected.

Auto Pressure Discharge:

An inner set spring chip is used for over pressure protection.

Exceptional Status Monitoring System:

If exceptional status happen, the intelligent system act as the first line of defense for the operator.

Terse Structure

Power Source:

Impulse microwave field with double magnetron output

Exhaust System:

High-power and corrosion resistant ventilator efficient venting path design Air cooling

Sample Numbers:

Standard 24 vessels

Loading Mode:

Front opening with auto-rotatingcarousel

Easy to Use Software:

Smart UI, easy to understand


Food, environment, agriculture, drugs, cosmetics, fiber, plastic, Bio-engineering, medical, etc.

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