MPE High-throughput Parallel Evaporator


Ideal evaporation process is difficult for instrument due to complicate requirement of different sample. By combining solvent cooling, water bath and shaking, the Rakol MPE system provides you with a safe, efficient, lossless and easy to operation. The smart one-key software allows you to precisely control the evaporation process.

High Efficiency:

  • Rather than metal bath, the water bath provide even transmission of heat for evaporation which guarantee stable heating process.

  • 16 sample parallel running.


Solvent Recover:

Utilize condenser tube and corrosion resistance PTFE material, the instrument recover most of the solvent, acetonitrile etc. at 99.2%.

Easy Observing Design:

With three visual glass windows, the whole evaporating process can be observed and monitored, which help method development and endpoint detection.

NO Cross Contamination:

Fast-change sealing design and heating cover to avoid cross contamination. Solvent condenser and speed up the evaporation.

High Recovery:

The MPE greatly reduce the boiling bubbles which due to target loss by gentle shaking, even heating and easy observing. Specific heating programs can be develop according to different volatility frequency. The high sensitivity control system can provide accurate temp and pressure environment for even most complex solvent.

Highly Integrated Software:

With one touch screen, all parameters can be set up and saved. Including temperature, vacuum, time, shaking frequency and gradient evaporation. Even a first user can easily work through the equipment.

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