AH-30 Automated Homogenizer


Homogenizer is widely used in the application of food detection, including agricultural and livestock, meat, eggs, feed pesticide orveterinary drug residues detection. AH – 30 automated homogenizeris a multi-tasking device that can achieve high throughput sample loading. It can automatically process up to 32 samples each run, greatly improving the efficiency of sample preparation. It can provideexcellent sample processing throughput, lowest sample carry over, fastest speed and highest homogeneous sample security.


  • Processed automatically and continually

  • Multiple cleaning methods to choose, minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination

Easy to Use:

  • Simple procedures and graphical software

Multiple Accessories:

  • Accommodate glassware or centrifuge tube with different sizes

  • Easy to get from the market


  • Active exhaust system results the instrument of volatile organic solvent cavity inside a fume hoodor discharged to the outside through the exhaust pipe, to minimize the impact on the operator, also saving the limited laboratory fume hood space

  • LED interior lighting and a clear transparent door for full view of the inside


As a universal homogenizer, AH-30 analyzer can process a wide variety of homogeneous material.

Such as:

  • Samples of high moisture content (such as vegetables, including leeks, spinach and celery, etc.)

  • Samples of high fat content (such as meat, sausage, fish)

  • Samples of high fiber content (such as cattle fodder, green fodder)

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