HPFE 06 High-Throughput Pressurized Fluid Extractor


The extraction of chemicals such as PAHs, PCBs from complex matrix is difficult. By providing high pressure and high temperature environment, the HPFE 06 breaks the solid absorption or combination between target compound and samples, making the extraction operation fast and easy. The practical 6 channels parallel extraction and creative one-stop collection solution provide you with a unrivaled operation experience.

  • High throughput pressurized fluidic extraction

  • Maximum 6 channels parallel running

  • Up to 96 samples in an 8-hours batch run


Wide Application:

  • 4 kinds of solvents optional, mixing in required portion

  • Accommodate 11mL to 66mL extract cell, satisfy different needs

  • One stop collection, accommodate 60mL to 240mL collection tube which can be directly use in Raykol's high throughput evaporation system

  • Wideapplication, apply to semi-solid and solid sample

Safe Protection:

  • Over pressure or over heating alarm

  • Compact system with closed chamber and exhausting fan

  • Recording log monitoring with error reminding

Easy to Use Software:

  • Easy to understand command

  • One key methods, easy to operate

  • Inner set 10-inch touch screen

Application Area:

Environmental Analysis: sVOC in Soil / Pesticide

Food: Pesticides / Veterinary Drugs / Food Additives

Agriculture: Oil / Feed / Pesticides

Others: Chemical / Academia

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