Auto Extra D10 Automated Solid Phase Extraction


The AutoExtra D10 workstation is a multi – functional automated solid-phase extraction system that capable of handling different source of water. Both cartridge and disk can be applied to the system while an anhydrous sodium sulfate column can be selectively loaded to the flow path. The WIFI – connection provides flexible table – top positioning for maximum up to 10 units. And an accurate 10mL syringe is applied to precisely measure the solvents used on SPE protocol. With above function the system can automatically complete the whole process of solid phase extraction (conditioning cartridges, sample loading, washing, drying, elution), it saves time, solvent, labor ensuring high reproducibility and productivity for analytical laboratories and improves lab safety by minimizing the chance of hazardous samples and chemicals contact to the operator.

Main Features:

  • Accommodate 47mm, 50mm, 90mm disks or 6mL cartridge

  • Maximum control 10 units with one software, independent methods for each unit

  • Sample volume range from 20mL~4L, with flow rate 100mL/min

  • Online–filter for dirty sample like waste water

  • Vacuum pump to control the flow rate

  • Double liquid level sensor to prevent from possible leakage

  • 12 ports valves and syringe pump to load solvents

  • 8 kinds of solvents available

  • Auto rinse with the surface of the bottle

  • Online anhydrous sodium sulfate cartridge function to remove the aqueous content

  • Additional purified cartridge like PCB can be used online

  • Wifi control


Pesticide, antibiotic, PAH, PCB, SVOC, algal toxin etc


Pesticide, veterinary drug residue, PAH, PCB, herbicides, dioxins, explosives reside and flame retardants etc

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