AutoEVA Automated Evaporation System


AutoEVA-60 is high throughput and high-speed sample evaporation system. Utilizing water bath heating and unique liquid level tracing technique, it provides incomparable speed for evaporation process. The Android based software and WIFI system allow you to monitor the real-time concentrating process with smart phone or PAD, making the whole operation easy and convenient.

Best Solution for High-throughput Evaporation

  • Sample capacity: Customizable, maximum up to 100 samples

  • Unique control system of nitrogen needles: adjustable height of the needles to suit to different liquid level

  • Water bath heating and Nitrogen blowing

  • Compatible with racks from Raykol Fotector Series

  • Fast-change nitrogen needles to apply to different demands

  • Visual glass window design available to observe theconcentrating process

  • Different racks available for tube sizes, easy to change


Food analysis, Water treatment, Environmental sample, Agrochemical compounds, Pharmaceutical, BiotechCompounds, Forensic samples, Government and Academic research.


AutoEVA-20Plus Automated Evaporation System

Raykol AutoEVA-20Plus全自动平行浓缩仪.png

AutoEVA-60 Automated Evaporation System


AutoEVA-08IR Automated Evaporation System


Perfect Partners: 

IG series is designed to carter for the requirement of evaporator applications. The gas is produced and separated by composite hollow fiber membrane which selectively removes the oxygen, moisture, particles, trace organic substance and PAEs, obtaining high purity nitrogen gas. The IG series gas generator is a fully automated, low noise, safe and reliable system. The simple operation system minimizes operator involvement and, improves your lab works.


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