ASPE Ultra Automated Solid Phase Extraction


ASPE Ultra workstation is designed for the extraction of trace organic compounds in aqueous samples, eg. drinking water, tap water and source water etc. The system can automatically complete the whole process of solid phase extraction (conditioning cartridges, sample loading, washing, drying, elution) and concentration with automated endpoint detection.

Main Features:

  • Online-prefiltration function

  • 8 channels simultaneously

  • Independent nitrogen purge module and heating module

  • Automatically complete the whole process of solid phase extraction

  • Online anhydrous sodium sulfate cartridge function

  • 3 ways for dehydration: Nitrogen purging, vacuumizing or nitrogen purging + vacuumizing

  • Both cartridge and disk can be applied to the system

  • Optional column string

  • Visual window for observation

  • Sample bottle flushing after sample loading

  • Segregates aqueous and solvent waste using separate waste lines

  • Environmental


Pesticide, antibiotic, PAH, PCB, SVOC, algal toxin etc


Pesticide, veterinary drug residue, SVOC, PCB, herbicides, dioxins, furans, explosives reside and flame retardants etc.

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